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Preserve your video memories with AI-powered video super-resolution technology

A new level of video quality enhancement


The emergence of Smart TV has drastically changed our habit of watching TV in our daily lives. After connecting the TV to the internet, it no longer solely serves as a medium for broadcasting companies to feed us programs and dramas. We start to enjoy the freedom of choosing what we want to watch every day. Nowadays, we watch dramas, movies, and documentaries through the streaming platforms provided on Smart TV; we also browse videos on YouTube and watch locally produced programs on the Smart TV. Inadvertently, we have raised the standard and demand for better video quality, while we cannot tolerate low-quality videos showing up on our HD or even 4K resolution Smart TVs. We are now facing the challenge of enhancing the quality of old videos, movies and dramas. We want to find a way out for them to be shown on Smart TV. This is where AI video enhancement solution fits in.

Harnessing the power of AI for video super-resolution

There are a number of traditional solutions in the market that enhance low-resolution old videos, such as the “video upscaling solution” which stretches the existing pixels of the old videos. However, they do not give any additional pixels to the original video. The output can be displayed in a higher resolution, but the sharpness and details of the video content are eventually lost during the upscaling process. In similar sense, the “color correction solution” can help to improve the overall appearance and bring out the details of the low-resolution videos by adjusting their brightness, contrast, and color balance. Yet, it creates disturbing artifacts and distortions. AI-powered video super-resolution, on the other hand, is not limited by the amount of information and pixel present in the original old video. By using its machine learning algorithms, AI is able to analyze and enhance video content in ways that traditional methods cannot. It contains multiple models that can address a wide range of video enhancement needs, boosting the video to its best quality.

The AI technology of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) deploys two models, generator model and discriminator model, to enhance the visual quality of low-resolution video content. The generator model creates new pixels for low-resolution images or video frames, while the discriminator model evaluates the quality of the generated images and provide feedback to the generator to further improve its output. As such, the resulting image quality can be acutely sharpened up, and at the same time, unwanted visual artifacts are reduced through denoising.

In addition, AI video super-resolution relies on deep learning models, Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs), trained up by large datasets of high-resolution images and videos. This enables AI to identify patterns and features in the video content, including video scenes and human faces, and therefore, make accurate and precise predictions on the best treatment to enhance the visual quality —choosing the right colors and details to upscale the video and retouch the face detail appearance.

AIgoVSR preserves your favorite old dramas and memorable videos

HKAI Limited is thrilled to offer AIgoVSR, an innovative video enhancement solution empowered by AI. This technology has already been employing by some of the leading broadcasting companies in Hong Kong to upscale their old dramas and all-time classic programs in stocks. The AI is trained up by a vast collection of footage and a massive library of videos that consist a wide range of drama genres, ensuring to meet the standards of the broadcasting industry. We are passionate about making AI more accessible to everyone in the time when we now further expose AIgoVSR to the public. If you have any old videos or memorable footage you’d like to renew and preserve beyond the stains of time, AIgoVSR can definitely help. Visit our AIgoVSR page to learn more about the product features and contact us today to get started. With AIgoVSR, you can give a new life to your favorite videos and enjoy watching them on your 40+ inches high-resolution 4K smart TV any time.

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