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HKAI 2023 year-in-review

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In September 2020, we began with four laptops and a vision to create the most favorable online advertising experience that benefits publishers, advertisers and audience through artificial intelligence (AI) technology. In 2021 and 2022, we successfully launched our flagship products, AIgoAD, and AIgoDATA to facilitate the advertising process in programmatic way.

Coming to the third year of running for the vision, we continue to expand the AIgo ecosystem, embracing the addition of AIgoVSR, which transforms low-resolution videos into high-quality footage for content providers. Apart from the product advancement, we have forged strategic partnerships with HOY TV, a major local broadcaster, to build a brand-new OTT platform for them which fully adopts AIgoAD to offer audience a seamless ad viewing experience. We have also for the first time introduced data-driven adverting solutions empowered by artificial intelligence (AI) to the retail sector in Hong Kong.

While our journey towards transforming the local advertising industry continues to unfold, we are excited to share our progress and achievements with the highlights below:

Introduce new AIgo product, AIgoVSR to the HKAI ecosystem

AIgoVSR is an AI-powered video super-resolution solution, which enables content owners, such as TV broadcasters to upscale their old video content, including their all-time classic programs and dramas, for nowadays HD and 4K resolution Smart TVs. This solution facilitates content owners to enter into the HKAI ecosystem as they take the first step to employ our AI technology to improve their video content. Under AIgoVSR, content providers can provide visually immersive experience to audience, leading to increased viewing engagement and longer watch time exposed to more advertising opportunities. CONTINUE READING

Secure a sizable ad serving market share in the Hong Kong broadcast sector

AIgoAD has now gained a significant market share in the Hong Kong broadcasting industry. Following the deployment of Media Advertising Intelligence for myTVSUPER under Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) in 2022, we are thrilled to welcome another local major broadcaster, HOY TV to join our ecosystem in 2023. We have developed and launched a brand new over-the-top (OTT) platform for HOY TV. The platform is fully integrated with AIgoAD, enabling seamless ad serving and continuous monitoring ad campaigns around the clock. Powered by AI, AIgoAD ensures uninterrupted ad delivery and ad inventory yield optimization, day and night. CONTINUE READING

Showcase data-driven advertising solutions at Retail Asia Conference & Expo (RACE)

One of our HKAI’s missions is to make AI more accessible and affordable for advertisers to succeed in the digital advertising arena. In early May this year, we participated in the Retail Asia Conference & Expo (RACE), where we introduced AIgoDATA and AIgoAD to the retail industry. We aimed to unveil the power of AI and explain to retailers how they can leverage AI to consolidate and analyze the unstructured customer data from multiple sales channels, and to release targeted omnichannel marketing campaigns to drive business growth. CONTINUE READING

AI Project of the Year’ at Revive Tech Asia 2023

Every year, REVIVE Tech Asia recognizes companies and organizations that push against technological boundaries and drive forward innovation across various projects.

HKAI is honored to be nominated for ‘AI Project of the Year’ under the category of Project Excellence. Our AIgoAD server serves over 9.9 million registered users and handles an average of 10 million ad requests every day for local broadcasting companies.  It empowers local broadcasters to leverage the power of AI to maximize the yield of their advertising inventory and drive reach optimization.

Growing team

This year, we have doubled our staff size and have opened a new office at Nanfang Software Park, the heart of Zhuhai National Hi-Tech Industrial Development District. It is a hub for us to expand our ad business to the greater China market.

We’re still recruiting for multiple positions in the Hong Kong office. Feel free to take a look at the career opportunities we offer.

Look forward to 2024

It has been an eventful year for HKAI in the 3rd year anniversary. We will continue to stive to enable AI among different local publishers and advertisers, and will move on to strengthen the ad ecosystem in Hong Kong. We are already gearing up for some exciting endeavors in 2024. Follow us on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on all of our projects!

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